Natrual Beauty

So this year with my life being so crazy and really life changing with in the past few months including 2 toddlers, work, planing a wedding and so much more that is going on in my life I really want to start using more natural products that are not only good for me but good for the earth! Getting back to the basics as I say and making my life more stress free I feel being more natural is the way to help with that.

I have been battling crazy skin for years and I thought for sure it would get better as I aged, WRONG! It not only has not gotten better but it has gotten worse after I gave birth to my 2nd child. This product seems to be good because it helps my skin with its balance no matter if its dry or oily! They have so man other products I want to try and right now you get a FREE sample with any $75 dollar purchase plus free standard shipping, YIPPEY!!! I cant wait to try the Gin zing Refreshing eye cream for tired eyes I know all Mommies should have that product after our "sleepless" or "nightmare" nights!
Stay Pretty Blogger Friends and Mommies,
XOXO Stella Grace Creations