Pet Bunny

Looking for a fun and easy pet for your kids?
Well meet the newest member to our growing family, MILY! 
Mily is super easy to care for and my girls love taking care of their new bunny I think it is good to have pets they can handle and take care of to teach them responsibility and compassion.
Forget the word Lap dog Mily loves to hop right on to your lap if you are sitting down. Mily loves Veggie bites but most the diet includes hay and grass with some fruits and veggies we have in the fridge and eat ourselves. 
I know most people get a fish or something along those lines but I think a Bunny is a good choice kids can't pet fishes but they can pet Bunnies! They are less care than a dog, you can "potty train" bunnies too. So next time you are looking for a pet make sure to do your research and check out what would work best for your family so you have a pet that gets a good life and in return gives you Happiness.