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So I have been m.i.a for a bit sorry about that.  I have been busy with Promoting at Barrett Jackson and this week the Waste Management otherwise known as the Phoenix Open golf event.
I also have Lot's of new items to upload and a great review to tell you about so keep an eye out for it!

Barrett Jackson is a great car event out in Scottdale AZ that happens every year. This year Jay Leno sold a tractor for $535.000 for injured troops!
Here are a few pictures from the event that I took and one of me and Ashley promoting.

I PINK I LOVE YOU Headbands are here!

Head on over to my etsy shop to see new items being listed!
 Valentines day is near and I got the kids covered, after all it is a holiday more for them in my opinion anyways!



Fun crafts for a snow day.

Looking for something fun to do with the kids while your snowed in or rain in???
How about making cute wooden spoon people with them and after you can even create your own little play.  Paint them color them dress them in barbie clothes you think of it you do it. It is sure to be fun and pass the time by and when your done keep them in a box for a later use.

1. Painting wooden spoons with your kids or just by yourself. Be inspired with these adorable handpainted spoons by Elisabeth.


First Dance Song, R.I.P. Etta James.

So I was going to save this post for a later date but seeing how the world has lost a legend today I think it is appropriate to do this now.
When planning a wedding song choice is very important and that first dance you will remember forever so you have to pick a good one!
I knew right away what my one song would be I love it and it is so fitting for being just married.

It is the perfect pace to have that first dance to and really just capture Love at last.
I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowed and its perfect for that amazing dip all of us ladies want at the end. ;)

Breakfast in a min.

As a Mom and now super busy with finding items and great stores to redecorate my house I don't have much time to cook breakfast.

Well here is a quick and FAST way to get a good hearty Breakfast in. The one minute McMuffin and no I'm not talking drive-thru here, make it right in your very own kitchen!

Everyone has a coffee mug in their home right? Grab it! Next crack open and egg into the coffee mug... What, no I have not lost my mind it WILL be COOKED! Put the coffee mug with the egg in it and set it  to cook for 45 seconds. While its cooking put an English muffin in a toaster to toast. When it's don't slap that egg right out of the mug and onto your English muffin and BAM your done!
End result:

I used a small coffee mug so mine didn't fit the whole muffin but its OK it was YUMMY!
Now if you have some extra time or you can get it ready the night before, toppings are great for this too. Maybe slice a tomato to top it off or some spinach its fast its healthy and its soooo good.

Hopefully this will help you on those mornings you are hungry but don't have much time. It really took me a total of 2 min to make this whole thing only because I wanted my muffin toasted.
This is great for people who are not good cooks or just don't like to cook it is easy and fast.

Stella Grace Creations


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After Holiday Top Cleaning Tips

Wow what a crazy last few months I have had, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, New Years! 

Now it's time to buckle down and get things cleaned and back in order. Here are a few tips to help out with what I think is the most needed advise for after the Holidays.

TIP 1:
Stay Focused while cleaning, even if that means setting a timer so you know how long you have in that room or just set a certain amount of time you want to spend cleaning a day and your house should whip right up in no time.

Tip 2:

Have Pets? Wet a rubber dish washing glove and wipe over surfaces, the hair should stick to it then rinse off when your done.

Tip 3:

New Year, New items in your home. Maybe you got some new Beauty products I have always stored mine in a shoe holder hanging from the back of my door make sure its clear so you can easily see what it is your looking for. This is also good for cleaning supplies, toys, jewelry, socks, and undies.

Tip 4:
Christmas time leave you with some Red Wine stains in your carpet? Well get rid of them with a dab of foaming shaving cream.

Tip 5:
Thanksgiving left overs are hopefully thrown out by now but is your plastic containers smelly? Wash them with hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda then you should be good to go.

Tip 6:
Candles are a big hit during the holiday season but sometimes you might get a wax spill on your fabric here is a good way to get rid of them.
Place a paper towel or a brown paper bag on top of the wax and press with an iron on low heat. The paper absorbs the wax, and your iron stays clean.

Tip 7:

Did your kids get stickers for Christmas and stick them everywhere? Or did you get some picture frames, or new glass wear with sticker price tags on them? Here is a good way to remove them
 use a cotton pad or Q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol dissolves the sticky glue and doesn't mess up my manicure.
ALSO BONUS TIP use news paper instead of paper towels to clean glass streak free! That goes for your car windows too it works wonders!!!

Tip 8:
Need to clean Glassware after all those Holiday parties try this when you're washing narrow-necked glass vases and decanters, add a little uncooked rice to the water. It will make your glassware will sparkle and shine.

Hope that helps some of your dilemmas for the start of 2012.


Stella Grace Creations





Wedding Invitations

OK so in an earlier post I asked how you liked a certain color combo and it was because that's the colors I used in my wedding and here are some handmade Wedding invites I made as well. Being a crafter I knew from the start that I wanted my wedding to be designed by me, everything I could be a part of I was. I wanted to make everything I could for decorations and details. That meant my cake, decor, invites, Veil, jewelry etc...
I got all my items from a craft store and made each one by hand with some ribbon, bling and of course my trusty little glue gun!
First I got a kit because I didn't have time to fold and cut out invites and plus it came with envelopes that were the right size so that was super helpful.
I also browsed through Micheal's BRIDES line they carry for some extras to put on my invites and I found these blue flowers.

They really made  a nice detail to the front when it was all done.
The left side is what it would have looked like with out the add on and then I glued the blue piece on it after I ran the ribbon through so it would stay put it came out beautiful then i topped that off with a little diamond bling in the middle of the blue.

I also used these cute ribbons I cut to little tails for a little extra pop of fun on the invite.
I just loved the colors and sparkle and who doesn't love the saying Eat Drink & Be Married! I had an open bar with more than enough for everyone so I thought it was ideal to have that saying on the invite after all the Italian in me loves to entertain people and this saying is fit for that!

Here is the finished product:

I printed out all information on the enclosed pieces for Wedding and Reception details then added them into the folded cards. I also added a stamp on the envelope to put just one more unique touch to it. I used only are wedding colors for details and it turned out great I had tons of compliments and people asking me to make invites for them next time they need any, hmm another business opportunity maybe? He he..

Ciao Bella's,
(Mangiare Bere E Sposarsi)
Stella Grace Creations



I got married on 11-11-11 and I now have time to breath and tell you all about it. So I will be posting more about it along the way this year.
Now since I also love to create jewelry and beautiful things I would love to tell you about something that combines beautiful creations and weddings!
I how ever did not make these but what a cleaver idea and I think is a must have for any Bride!!!
I had an outside wedding and thankfuly the weather was perfect but if it had not been man oh man would I have wished I had these!
They are: “Veil Weights are magnetic and easily slip on and off your veil, they are not permanent."

Not only are these Beautful but they are so very useful I would have used them just to make a little extra bling on my veil if I seen these before.
I know a few ladies that will be getting Married this year and I think it will be a perfect gift to get them to use on thier wedding day. You can purchase these from the website or a local store near you. Sorry AZ no store here carries them, YET...

Here is some more info:
Save the Veil ~ Veil Weights are $65.00 per package. We offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING AND HANDLING within the United States. Each package contains 6 pieces of Veil Weights jewelry. Three to six veil weights will control most veils.
There are 4 styles to choose from: Oval with Swarovski Crystal, Oval with Mother of Pearl, Round with Swarovski Crystal & Round with Mother of Pearl.


So it's a New Year and I love to spoil my pups with some new goodies but it is hard to find cute boy dog items just like it is hard to find cute human boy clothes! I am a huge Pit bull lover I have two after all, my baby girl has tons of stuff but my little boy I just cant seem to find things I like for him. I fostered him back in Sept. then fell in love with him and adopted him as soon as I could. Dog Park Publishing has some really adorable items for male dogs that is good for any owner because you want to make sure your husband will want to walk the dog too and I know mine doesn't want some frou frou male dog leash to walk the dog in!

Here are a couple must haves:
Chestnut Plaid Leash


Deer Antler Chews

Here is a special 10% coupon code you can use through Friday. Just use discount code: SAVE10 on our website

HAPPY TAILS xoxo Stella Grace Creations



Hope 2012 treats everyone well!!!

Do you love this color combo?

Stay tuned for more about this. ;)