Breakfast in a min.

As a Mom and now super busy with finding items and great stores to redecorate my house I don't have much time to cook breakfast.

Well here is a quick and FAST way to get a good hearty Breakfast in. The one minute McMuffin and no I'm not talking drive-thru here, make it right in your very own kitchen!

Everyone has a coffee mug in their home right? Grab it! Next crack open and egg into the coffee mug... What, no I have not lost my mind it WILL be COOKED! Put the coffee mug with the egg in it and set it  to cook for 45 seconds. While its cooking put an English muffin in a toaster to toast. When it's don't slap that egg right out of the mug and onto your English muffin and BAM your done!
End result:

I used a small coffee mug so mine didn't fit the whole muffin but its OK it was YUMMY!
Now if you have some extra time or you can get it ready the night before, toppings are great for this too. Maybe slice a tomato to top it off or some spinach its fast its healthy and its soooo good.

Hopefully this will help you on those mornings you are hungry but don't have much time. It really took me a total of 2 min to make this whole thing only because I wanted my muffin toasted.
This is great for people who are not good cooks or just don't like to cook it is easy and fast.

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