Wedding Invitations

OK so in an earlier post I asked how you liked a certain color combo and it was because that's the colors I used in my wedding and here are some handmade Wedding invites I made as well. Being a crafter I knew from the start that I wanted my wedding to be designed by me, everything I could be a part of I was. I wanted to make everything I could for decorations and details. That meant my cake, decor, invites, Veil, jewelry etc...
I got all my items from a craft store and made each one by hand with some ribbon, bling and of course my trusty little glue gun!
First I got a kit because I didn't have time to fold and cut out invites and plus it came with envelopes that were the right size so that was super helpful.
I also browsed through Micheal's BRIDES line they carry for some extras to put on my invites and I found these blue flowers.

They really made  a nice detail to the front when it was all done.
The left side is what it would have looked like with out the add on and then I glued the blue piece on it after I ran the ribbon through so it would stay put it came out beautiful then i topped that off with a little diamond bling in the middle of the blue.

I also used these cute ribbons I cut to little tails for a little extra pop of fun on the invite.
I just loved the colors and sparkle and who doesn't love the saying Eat Drink & Be Married! I had an open bar with more than enough for everyone so I thought it was ideal to have that saying on the invite after all the Italian in me loves to entertain people and this saying is fit for that!

Here is the finished product:

I printed out all information on the enclosed pieces for Wedding and Reception details then added them into the folded cards. I also added a stamp on the envelope to put just one more unique touch to it. I used only are wedding colors for details and it turned out great I had tons of compliments and people asking me to make invites for them next time they need any, hmm another business opportunity maybe? He he..

Ciao Bella's,
(Mangiare Bere E Sposarsi)
Stella Grace Creations