After Holiday Top Cleaning Tips

Wow what a crazy last few months I have had, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, New Years! 

Now it's time to buckle down and get things cleaned and back in order. Here are a few tips to help out with what I think is the most needed advise for after the Holidays.

TIP 1:
Stay Focused while cleaning, even if that means setting a timer so you know how long you have in that room or just set a certain amount of time you want to spend cleaning a day and your house should whip right up in no time.

Tip 2:

Have Pets? Wet a rubber dish washing glove and wipe over surfaces, the hair should stick to it then rinse off when your done.

Tip 3:

New Year, New items in your home. Maybe you got some new Beauty products I have always stored mine in a shoe holder hanging from the back of my door make sure its clear so you can easily see what it is your looking for. This is also good for cleaning supplies, toys, jewelry, socks, and undies.

Tip 4:
Christmas time leave you with some Red Wine stains in your carpet? Well get rid of them with a dab of foaming shaving cream.

Tip 5:
Thanksgiving left overs are hopefully thrown out by now but is your plastic containers smelly? Wash them with hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda then you should be good to go.

Tip 6:
Candles are a big hit during the holiday season but sometimes you might get a wax spill on your fabric here is a good way to get rid of them.
Place a paper towel or a brown paper bag on top of the wax and press with an iron on low heat. The paper absorbs the wax, and your iron stays clean.

Tip 7:

Did your kids get stickers for Christmas and stick them everywhere? Or did you get some picture frames, or new glass wear with sticker price tags on them? Here is a good way to remove them
 use a cotton pad or Q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol dissolves the sticky glue and doesn't mess up my manicure.
ALSO BONUS TIP use news paper instead of paper towels to clean glass streak free! That goes for your car windows too it works wonders!!!

Tip 8:
Need to clean Glassware after all those Holiday parties try this when you're washing narrow-necked glass vases and decanters, add a little uncooked rice to the water. It will make your glassware will sparkle and shine.

Hope that helps some of your dilemmas for the start of 2012.


Stella Grace Creations