Fisher Price Recall
Hey Moms and Dads I know most of you will see this all over the Internet and on the news but here it is just in case you have one of these 10 million items being recalled! Take care of those kids and remember sometimes the best toy can be theirr Mommy and Daddy giving them LOVE!!! Hahaha that sounded kinda cheesy what I mean is some of my girls favorite "toys" are climbing on Me and their Dad having us give them piggy back rides swig them around and around, play hide and seek and even airplane you know lay on your back put them on your knees and fly them in circles, hint hint Great Workout Also!!!
You can also make them great home aide toys really easy when they are little they love simple things and they can even help make them which means another bonus you got a keepsake! The other day we made paper alligators Ill have to find the pictures and post them for you. We just got Green construction paper and cut slits into the top of it after folded it, then drew faces and boom your done you can make a Mom Dad and Baby so they have a little family of Alligators to play with and they love it keeps them busy for a long time! Have fun with your kids and have a great day!
Xoxo, SGC


Time is Flying

This has been a very busy month for sure, lots of things going on with work, personal and kids wheeew! My girls are growing so fast and you hear it all the time from everyone older "make sure to cherish these moments before you know it they will be grown up" Well everyone who has ever told me is so right!!! My oldest is in her help Mommy stage (do they all have that stage?) She loves to clean the dishes even if she is really making more of a mess I am so thankful for her wanting to do it! Then she sees me vacuum and she will go around the house vacuuming to, YES! She also likes helping me put things away, have I died and gone to heaven?? Hahaha....
My youngest is loving to dress her self now she will go in her room and put on clothes and you know what she is a little fashionista her outfits always come out matching and looking good! I will see her in a few different outfits a day its just way to cute to see how happy she gets about it!
 My puppy is no longer a puppy she has grown into a beautiful dog yes she is still a pup by age but she is a gorgeous Pit and as sweet as can be I'm such a lucky girl to have an amazing family! I worked all weekend did a few promos then Sunday was the Cardinals vs Raiders Game I bartended at man oh man it was so HOT out side that day I was tired and sore and when I got home my House was clean yup the hubby cleaned the whole house and the kids were excited to see me you cant beat coming home to all that greatness I tell ya!
Here are a few pictures of are labor day Lake Trip it was the best! My Oldest is a DARE DEVIL she wanted to go faster and faster on the tube and skies! The kids loved the water, we had great friends, great food  and everything was just awesome that day!


Labor Day Weekend

Hello friends I hope you all are having a great labor day weekend so far! Today will be a chill day for me and my family we are just going to be home BBQ'n and swimming tomorrow will be lake day for us YIPPEE, I worked all weekend so now I just want to relax and have some fun. I worked at a couple different resorts this weekend and woo wee it made me want to be sitting there laying in the sun with a drink in my hand too! I cant believe that Summer is coming to an end already! I enjoyed getting up early with the kids making breakfast watching Dinosaur Train then playing outside in the pool or staying in making smoothies and reading books, teaching my girls letters and SHOPPING! Now I am excited to be able to go to the Park and the Zoo again without melting when we walk out the door! No matter what we will be doing I will be sure to enjoy it because just 2 more years and my oldest will be in kindergarden and then I wont know what to do with myself all day!