Fisher Price Recall
Hey Moms and Dads I know most of you will see this all over the Internet and on the news but here it is just in case you have one of these 10 million items being recalled! Take care of those kids and remember sometimes the best toy can be theirr Mommy and Daddy giving them LOVE!!! Hahaha that sounded kinda cheesy what I mean is some of my girls favorite "toys" are climbing on Me and their Dad having us give them piggy back rides swig them around and around, play hide and seek and even airplane you know lay on your back put them on your knees and fly them in circles, hint hint Great Workout Also!!!
You can also make them great home aide toys really easy when they are little they love simple things and they can even help make them which means another bonus you got a keepsake! The other day we made paper alligators Ill have to find the pictures and post them for you. We just got Green construction paper and cut slits into the top of it after folded it, then drew faces and boom your done you can make a Mom Dad and Baby so they have a little family of Alligators to play with and they love it keeps them busy for a long time! Have fun with your kids and have a great day!
Xoxo, SGC