Natrual Beauty

So this year with my life being so crazy and really life changing with in the past few months including 2 toddlers, work, planing a wedding and so much more that is going on in my life I really want to start using more natural products that are not only good for me but good for the earth! Getting back to the basics as I say and making my life more stress free I feel being more natural is the way to help with that.

I have been battling crazy skin for years and I thought for sure it would get better as I aged, WRONG! It not only has not gotten better but it has gotten worse after I gave birth to my 2nd child. This product seems to be good because it helps my skin with its balance no matter if its dry or oily! They have so man other products I want to try and right now you get a FREE sample with any $75 dollar purchase plus free standard shipping, YIPPEY!!! I cant wait to try the Gin zing Refreshing eye cream for tired eyes I know all Mommies should have that product after our "sleepless" or "nightmare" nights!
Stay Pretty Blogger Friends and Mommies,
XOXO Stella Grace Creations


Janie and Jack is having a Great sale right now 20%off sale items until Aug. 1st which makes that up to 60% off and since it seems like the heat will be here for a while longer it works perfect to add some more summer touches to your kids wardrobe. Here are a two of my faves that are on sale.

RETAILS $28.00 - SALE $7.99

RETAILS $24.00 - SALE $8.79

So cute yet sophisticated!!! Happy Shopping bloggers make sure to tell me your faves! :)



This is perfect for Me and I'm sure a lot of other Parents out there right now since summer time usually consists of traveling for a lot of family's. We will be traveling to Washington in a couple weeks and I was needing some things to keep the kids busy on our trip and these bingo cards would be great I think! Now personaly these would be kinda boring to look at and my kids would loose interest fast if I printed these on plain white paper so you could print them on different color paper to make it a little more fun for the kids or maybe even let them color their own pages so they have their own unique Bingo Card! That would also keep them busy while traveling ;)Hope this helps your taveling with kids needs and you all have a fun and safe Summer.


Tired,Exhasted and oh ya tired!

Woo what a day I'm pretty sure my little girls turned into teenagers over night! Who knew a 3 and 2 year old could be so bossy and demanding? I didn't get any sleep due to the dogs being up all night making ruckus then my youngest climbing in to bed with me when I was just about in dreamland then she decided she wanted to lay with her feet toward my head and randomly kick threw out the night! Moms I know your laughing because yes we all have been there :) well because of that sleepless night I woke up with a huge headache and kids screaming "Mom I want cereal, but not that one this one OK and get me milk!" What?!?!?! Is my three year old really telling me this and then Monkey see Monkey do the little one mimics her every word! Well girls let me make a cup of coffee after I get you breakfast OK, and boom I open the cabinet to get the coffee maker out and the pot fell to the floor shattering everywhere UGH! OK that stinks because I let the hubby take the truck today and oops he has the car seats looks like were not going anywhere and Mommy doesn't get her coffee. :( I'll just make some bows that will cheer me up a bit... where did Moms bow making stuff go girls?? Baby did you take it? "No sissy did" Sissy did you take it? "NO BABY DID!" then they went back in forth with each other for a while "nah uh she did" and so on and so on. I just wanted to go back to bed oh well now I am breaking up a fight between two little girls who are acting more like 13 and 14 year old fighting over a boy, sheesh what have I gotten myself into here?? At least I know they are Best Friends despite the fact neither wants to admit to who did something they were not supposed to they would rather rat each other out.

So later we go swimming in our pool and my oldest just jumps in and starts swimming I try to grab her thinking she needs help but nope she says "Mom I can do it myself don't help me!" HUH?? She has never had swimming lessons where is this brave little soul coming from and how is she swimming on her own??? What has happened to my baby she is growing up faster than I could ever imagine! Needless to say it has been a long day and I should be going to bed but nope I am blogging hahaha..
I would love to hear about other peoples sibling rivalry fights and what they fight about or over or if you have a funny story about your little ones.



I used to love to shop at Pumpkin Patch for my little girls clothes they have such sweet and pretty prints! Unfortunately they closed them all down in AZ I think it was due to how pricey the clothes are but hey guess what they do have great sales and here is a online sale you should check out. FREE Shipping and 10 Percent off with NO Minimum purchase now that's pretty good you don't even have to leave the house!

Here is one of my faves from their new collection

They have great items up to 60percent off on top of the 10percent and free shipping deal, SCORE!!! Here is one of the tops I will be purchasing retails 24.50 and its only 8.99 after the discounts woohoo!



Check it Out!

If you are looking for some hip items or fashion for your little ones well here is a great site to check out

They have these cute band aids that hey even Mom or Dad might love ;P

Also if you Love music like I do well you might just find your fave band to make a BIG Fashion Statement!

Now this is sooo cool and a great gift idea! I love AC/DC and now they have it turned into Lullaby songs all I can say is OMG!!!

They have just so many cute, fun, creative and fashionable items here I think I am in love with this site I feel like a kid in a candy store while looking at stuff I wanted it all.

Have a great day and Happy Shopping my Fashionista Friends xoxoxo

Kids Fashion

Hey fellow bloggers I can not believe back to school shopping is upon us. Now my little girls are not yet in school but they sure are growing like weeds so I will also be shopping for new fall clothes and I am always looking for fashionable clothes that are made well yet priced good since my girls will only be waring them for a short amount of time. I see American Eagle has a great children's line out called 77kids by American Eagle, well I did not know that they had sizes for toddlers and babies as well. I will defiantly be going to shop for a couple of items for my girls to see if their children's clothes are just as great as their adult clothes that I love to wear! Here are a few new items from 77kids that I would pick out.

I usually shop at Gymboree for my girls because it is a bit boutique style and it still shows hey I'm a kid! I love to dress my girls every now and then in more chic/modern clothes but I also want them to still look like kids and wear "cute" clothes because I know that soon they will not want to wear that cute little doggy shirt or Popsicle dress, so for now tutus and big bows will do just fine! Oh and if you are lucky enough like me to have a H&M near you go as fast as you can to check out their adorable clothes for kids.

Here is a pic of a beautiful chiffon dress I got for my youngest last year it was on sale for $10.00 WOW now that's a Fashion Deal!!!

If you know of any great places to get fashionable kids clothes let me know maybe you have a special place you love to shop or you make clothes either way I would love to hear your feedback and as always HAPPY SHOPPING MOMMIES!!!!


Fashion Flash

Hey you fashionable Moms out there Steve Madden is having a 9hour sale going on RIGHT NOW!!!! (July 13th 3pm-Midnight est)
I have been in love with these great shoes for as long as I can remember and working in the business I'm in I need some pretty shoes that are also comfy and so far Steve Madden has always pulled through!
Just got to to find this offer.
Bonus they have free standard shipping right now use code SMFREESHIP
Happy Shopping Friends :)

Well I have so much to write and post about but not enough time right now I am going to try and get an hour later tonight to post a few things! As for now I will share a few cool sights that I have found with good info on saving Money and great coupons and even FREE stuff!!! Here a just a few Have a great Tuesday.

R.I.P Brianna Wood

OK so I want to keep my blog happy and let people know about great kid activities and other Fun Mommy things but I have to let you all know something that erks me every 4Th of July now. 3 Years ago a Beautiful young Mother's life was taken by a monster! This woman was so great I can not even begin to tell her story all I can do is let people aware of what happened and maybe somewhere along the way if you have kids you can teach them and have them learn from this sad and disgusting story. I have known Bri since 7Th grade she was so smart and funny and had a bright glow around her anywhere she went she was amazing and sweet she will always be missed by so many. This is one of my biggest fears for my little girls that they will bein a "bad relationship" or come across a overly jealous guy. So Bri was with her two boys in her condo when she tried to break up with Ryan who was on drugs at the time. Her boys were in the house when he slashed her throat no one but them will ever know what truly happened but Ryan knew he was in trouble so he put her body in her bed sheets and took her and put her in the back of her SUV and when her boys asked where he was taking Mommy he said "to go see fireworks" and he fled to Mexico leaving the boys to fend for themselves at her condo. Her boys are young they can not do this, they are to young to get themselves food or wash them selves or even call for help! I wont get into to much detail just know if you have a kid who is trying to get away from someone let them know NOT to do it alone, do it in a public place and get police involved if need be. Never be ashamed or feel bad about it, I know it is hard when your young but your life is worth so much more than letting someone else take it and rob your kids and family of you. Be strong and make sure to get help if you need it people will always be there even if it has to be a officer to get the point across to abuser. Tell Bri's story because she shouldn't be a statistic she is a human, mother, daughter, sister, friend, hard worker, and just so so so much more than someone who was murdered! You can find her story on a lot of Arizona sites if you look up her name Brianna Wood. They also have a great scholarship fund in her name and her boys are left without a mother so anything to help them as well is always top priority now! Now Ryan was found in Mexico pulled over for speeding and that's where they found her body in the back of her SUV he got a light sentence and it makes me sick to think he will be walking the streets again so young it's sad and scary we can only hope now Bri Rest In Peace!!!

Cutie Pies

I just love my two little girls more than anything in the world any mother can relate to me! Life really does change forever the minute you find out your pregnant but what really changes you as a person and the way you think, eat or do anything is when that baby is born and you see them face to face and hold their soft little bodies up against yours they just stare into your eyes and you know you are forever bonded and that person is who you live for. You live to protect, Love, teach, smile together, enjoy life together, jump over hurdles together and so much more, Only to have them leave your nest and go out into the world hoping they take what you gave them about life and that they do good with it. Then you question did I do enough are they going to be OK, is it the right time??? Before you had kids I bet you never thought you would ever live such a roller coaster life huh. Everything you used to think was hard seems so small now because that one little person is your everything! Well I couldn't ask for anything more they are worth every second of worries, love, joy, excitement, sadness, or any emotion in this whole world! I never minded getting 2 hours of sleep only to get up and take care of a small human being or changing something that smelled far worse than any college dorm room full of football players old uniforms from such a small person, it was all worth it when I got to see that little crinkle of a smile it made more adrenaline go threw my body than any cup of coffee ever could! Of course we all just want the best and to be happy so shoot for the stars and smile along the way good or bad...

Battle of the sites!

Ok so I am so curious what is better to sell boutique items on if not your very own website!?!?! Is etsy or ebay a better choice??? I know tons of people who have purchased off of ebay but never had anyone who has off of etsy. So it leaves me the question is it more just a 3rd party site to get people over to your blog or website, or is it something everyone who sells bows and unique items should have for their company? HELP!!!


Fun in Arizona

Arizona is a great place to find things to do with kids indoors in the summer and one of my fave places that my kids have a blast at is the Arizona Museum of Natural History!!! We recently went to check out what they had to offer and lets just say your in for a ROARing good time! Dinosaurs and Panning for Gold were the activities my kids were excited about when we went. Not only did the kids have fun but so did the Parents and Grandparents ;)

There is more than just Dino's and diggin for gold they have lot's of Arizona's history and fossils you can see or touch up close. It is a great place to learn and have fun what more can you ask for when looking for a Great Kids Activity?!? I will share a few pictures of mine just to give you a peek but go check it out for yourself I promise you will be glad you did!

Here is info from their site:
The Arizona Museum of Natural History is your place for dinosaurs that roar and much more. The valley’s only natural history museum has the best dinosaurs in town, a history courtyard where visitors pan for gold, a native peoples’ gallery includes a replica village and pottery. Where else can you enjoy a cool indoor waterfall? Three changing exhibition galleries offer a variety of interesting subjects.

Hours are:
Closed Mondays and holidays

Regular Hours:
Tues - Fri: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sat: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sun: 1 - 5 p.m.

Admission is :
$10 - Adults
$6 - Children 3-12
$9 - Seniors 65+
$8 - Students 13+
with ID
free - Children ages 2 & younger

You can go check out the website for classes or other things that may be going on at the Museum


I found another giveaway that I'm just in love with because I have a few new little boys in my life I will be needing some boy toys to keep them busy when they come to visit me!!! This blog has the giveaway and some great other post you should see :)

here is the link for more info

Blog Giveaways

Like I said before I Love Cuisinart and now Just Another Review Blog has a great giveaway going on for a Cuisinart Blender that ends July 16 go here to see

This is great I love to make smoothies and one of my faves is Strawberry with Lime Juice and then crushed coconut Mmmm talk about a nice treat next to the pool!!! Since I live in Arizona I am always making things in the blender for a nice cool treat and I could really use this giveaway since my blender is 4 years old and starting to go out on me every once in a while it seems to only work when it wants to!

Another great use for the blender is after you make yourself or kids a smoothie put some in a freezer safe container for either a nice icy treat later on or make Popsicles with the leftovers BONUS!!!! ;)

I choose Kando do you?

OK so I'm at the grocery store getting groceries when I remember that I need hand soap for my little girls bathroom. Well as you all know now a days we have so many decisions to choose from how do we pick just one? If you have not tried a product it sometimes makes it hard to pick and then sometimes you just get whatever is on sale right, I know that's what I have done in the past.
Hopefully this review will help if you are in need of a great kids hand soap! Bright Foam Hand soap from Kandoo a product of Pampersis fantastic I got the Magic Melon scent and it is so great for summer time! My girls who are 2 years old and 3 years old love to use this product it covers their little hands perfectly so no mess is left behind we even sing a little song for 30 seconds so all those germs wash away it goes like this. "Can you wash away your germs, wash away wash away, can you wash away your germs, yes I Kandoo it!" We sing it about 3 times and they just love it I was told by my 3 year old, "Mom this is fun I love this bright green soap it smells yummy can we sing and wash our hands again" How cute is that and with over 200+ pumps in the bottle it is totally possible to let them do it again without running out of soap in a couple of days!

Here is some info from the website

Kandoo® BrightFoam® Handsoap comes in an easy-to-use pump made just for little hands. With two great scents, it makes the bathroom routine good, clean fun!

BrightFoam® Handsoap:•Foams instantly - Soap stays where it should and little hands can lather up without a fuss
•Easy to use - Large dispenser pump and container base for stability
BrightFoam® - Lets your child know when they are completely covered with soap, and better coverage can mean a better clean
•Great Value - 200+ pumps per bottle

I love my girls and all their friends who come over to visit and I would only use the best for them so this product is an A+ in my book!!!