Cutie Pies

I just love my two little girls more than anything in the world any mother can relate to me! Life really does change forever the minute you find out your pregnant but what really changes you as a person and the way you think, eat or do anything is when that baby is born and you see them face to face and hold their soft little bodies up against yours they just stare into your eyes and you know you are forever bonded and that person is who you live for. You live to protect, Love, teach, smile together, enjoy life together, jump over hurdles together and so much more, Only to have them leave your nest and go out into the world hoping they take what you gave them about life and that they do good with it. Then you question did I do enough are they going to be OK, is it the right time??? Before you had kids I bet you never thought you would ever live such a roller coaster life huh. Everything you used to think was hard seems so small now because that one little person is your everything! Well I couldn't ask for anything more they are worth every second of worries, love, joy, excitement, sadness, or any emotion in this whole world! I never minded getting 2 hours of sleep only to get up and take care of a small human being or changing something that smelled far worse than any college dorm room full of football players old uniforms from such a small person, it was all worth it when I got to see that little crinkle of a smile it made more adrenaline go threw my body than any cup of coffee ever could! Of course we all just want the best and to be happy so shoot for the stars and smile along the way good or bad...