Blog Giveaways

Like I said before I Love Cuisinart and now Just Another Review Blog has a great giveaway going on for a Cuisinart Blender that ends July 16 go here to see

This is great I love to make smoothies and one of my faves is Strawberry with Lime Juice and then crushed coconut Mmmm talk about a nice treat next to the pool!!! Since I live in Arizona I am always making things in the blender for a nice cool treat and I could really use this giveaway since my blender is 4 years old and starting to go out on me every once in a while it seems to only work when it wants to!

Another great use for the blender is after you make yourself or kids a smoothie put some in a freezer safe container for either a nice icy treat later on or make Popsicles with the leftovers BONUS!!!! ;)