I choose Kando do you?

OK so I'm at the grocery store getting groceries when I remember that I need hand soap for my little girls bathroom. Well as you all know now a days we have so many decisions to choose from how do we pick just one? If you have not tried a product it sometimes makes it hard to pick and then sometimes you just get whatever is on sale right, I know that's what I have done in the past.
Hopefully this review will help if you are in need of a great kids hand soap! Bright Foam Hand soap from Kandoo a product of Pampersis fantastic I got the Magic Melon scent and it is so great for summer time! My girls who are 2 years old and 3 years old love to use this product it covers their little hands perfectly so no mess is left behind we even sing a little song for 30 seconds so all those germs wash away it goes like this. "Can you wash away your germs, wash away wash away, can you wash away your germs, yes I Kandoo it!" We sing it about 3 times and they just love it I was told by my 3 year old, "Mom this is fun I love this bright green soap it smells yummy can we sing and wash our hands again" How cute is that and with over 200+ pumps in the bottle it is totally possible to let them do it again without running out of soap in a couple of days!

Here is some info from the website

Kandoo® BrightFoam® Handsoap comes in an easy-to-use pump made just for little hands. With two great scents, it makes the bathroom routine good, clean fun!

BrightFoam® Handsoap:•Foams instantly - Soap stays where it should and little hands can lather up without a fuss
•Easy to use - Large dispenser pump and container base for stability
BrightFoam® - Lets your child know when they are completely covered with soap, and better coverage can mean a better clean
•Great Value - 200+ pumps per bottle

I love my girls and all their friends who come over to visit and I would only use the best for them so this product is an A+ in my book!!!