What a GREAT idea!!! If any of you are expecting or will be soon this is a great idea almost makes me want another kid just so I can have it a SURPRISE!!!!

Click this link to see how it works:

This is not only a great idea but it has adorable items to choose from, a huge plus in my Mommy book!


Sail Away with Stella Grace Creations.

New Items are on the way keep an eye out for your faves items go fast!


Make a change for denver and Pit Bulls.


Hi SGC Fans I am a huge Pit Bull Lover I have 2, one male and one female. I also have 2 small children who adore them they are part of my family and this makes me sad that a city can ban them! Denver would be a great place to have a Pit I would think, I mean they love to be active and when i think Denver I think of people being outsite and having fun out doors so why not have a sweet pitty join you in the beautiful out doors of Denver.
PLEASE go sign this petition it only takes about 30 seconds and will save LIVES!!!

Thanks You,
Owner of Stella Grace Creations

Why This Is Important
Since 1989, the city of Denver has banned all "Pit Bull" type dogs or any dog appearing to have the majority of physical characteristics of a "Pit Bull" (and every type of dog that the city's Animal Control has mis-identified as a "Pit Bull").

The ban is based on two incidents that occurred twenty two years ago. Since that time, the city has never been able to provide factual (untampered with) documentation as to the ban's effectiveness, they can provide no expert testimony that endorses this legislation, and every major animal welfare organization globally has denounced Denver's law as a means of providing public safety to its citizens.

We are asking citizens of Denver to demand city officials reexam the validity of the current ban on Pit Bulls, calling on Professional Veterinary Doctors, Behaviorists, Animal Control Officers, and Trainers (NOT EMPLOYED BY OR PAID FOR BY THE CITY OF DENVER) to consult on the review. More so, we ask that this review be held in public forum.

The results of this petition WILL NOT only be submitted to the city of Denver like petitions of the past... but also the Denver Post, Westword News, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and every other major news publication in the U.S.

Below is your opportunity to be heard for change in Denver. We are asking all Denver registered voters and citizens AND anyone who opposes such discriminatory laws to sign a petition if they agree that a review of the ban is in the citizens best interest.

The Team Pit-a-Full brochure is available for download. The brochure is full of facts and a time line of Denver's Pit Bull ban and its continuous failure. Down load it here:


Casual Pastel

Casual Pastel

Marni top
$247 -

H M flat sneaker
£7.99 -

Dannijo cuff jewelry
$320 -

Helen Kaminski raffia hat
$175 -

Mango aviator shades
£18 -

Sweet Pastels

Sweet Pastels

Charlotte Olympia leather sandals
$1,075 -

Wallis shopping bag
$49 -

Oasis bracelet
$25 -

Outfit Designed By Stella Grace Creations.

Loving Coral Right Now


Lace top
$22 -

Madewell cuffed denim shorts
$50 -

Charlotte Russe flat shoes
$18 -

Fiorelli shoulder handbag
£49 -

Jon Richard coral jewelry
£10 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs engraving jewelry
$128 -

J Crew summer straw hat
$35 -

Mango sheer shawl
£18 -

Mango aviator shades
£18 -

Loving this color Coral right now and this look!


Warming Up Your Home.

I came across this great idea and thought I would share since I have been remodeling my home and yes I will post the pictures soon, I did finished my kitchen and bathroom so stay tuned.

This is a great way to heat your home and so unique I must say. It is a beautiful piece of art yet also meant with a purpose, to heat your home. You can also have your own images uploaded to the panel, HOW NEAT!!!!

About Us

Prestyl USA is a US manufacturer/distributor of state of the art far infrared heating products. Prestyl’s products are based on a highly efficient and reliable French thin-film technology that has been used in aircraft, ships, trains, homes and public buildings for 16 years.
Prestyl successfully incorporated this film into ultra-thin easy to install ceiling modules and wall mount decorative printed artwork panels which are available in standard U.S. and European sizes. Prestyl USA's manufacturing partner is a Washington-based company with a commitment to "Lean Manufacturing" and has been producing high-quality products for nearly 40 years

                                      Go here to find out more:


Swim Suits for Mom and Daughter

Hello Kitty Swimwear

Three things we remember about Hello Kitty from our own childhoods: how good the erasers smelled, those handy little scissors during art projects and that we covered everything we owned with something Sanrio. Now you and your girl can love Hello Kitty in a whole new way with these stylish suits. The pretty kitty is as adorable as ever and designed for the young and young at heart.

It's always nice when you can go shopping for yourself and your daughter at the same time in one stop shop! I have two little beauties and one is in girls clothing now and the other is in toddler sizes so for me it can be a long day if I have to go shopping for all three of us like lets say new swim suits since it is swim suit season in AZ already!
Zulily makes it easy and until 3/14 at 6am pdt  you can get this sale.

They always have fashionable selections and great prices on items and sometimes you find brands you may not of known about but fall in love with.
You can go here to see more: