Tangerine Tango, an electric orange red, is the color of 2012, according to the Pantone Color Institute.

What do you think of this new color? How will you incorporate it into you life for 2012 Stella Grace fans?

 I think it is great color for a dress or blazer and most of all a great color to accessorize with. it also goes great with all skin tones and isn't to Orange if you know what I mean. You can really make your look pop with this color even on a cool casual day.
Don't wait till 2012 to start wearing it you can find the color now in stores like H&M and Forever 21, great stores to get items to play with if you don't want to pay a lot of money on the trend. I love the color and am excited to see it for the new year cant wait to use it in my upcoming pieces from Stella Grace Creations.

Ciao Bella's,
Stella Grace Creations xoxo


Go-Go Mommy

My current obsession is Starbucks VIA Ready Brew ICED the Caramel Flavored one!
So this Holiday season is another busy one having little Mea and Mila running around the house early in the morning means this Mom has to be up and at it early. I am a huge coffee person I love my caramel macchiato from Starbucks but this December wanted to cut back on spending $5.18 a day yup that's how much a venti one cost me,eek! I had these a while back and took them with me on my camping trip since I cant go without my iced coffee and they were delish and also a big hit amongst my friends who came with on the trip. This yummy treat cost about $6-$7 and comes with 6packets per box and each packet makes 16fl oz. That's a whole lot cheaper than $5 bucks plus a day!
When we were camping a poured a bottle of water in a cup with some ice mixed the packet in and added milk to the top and stirred it was just perfect. They don't sell it anymore at my Starbucks so I had to order it online I hope they don't discontinue it because its my drink of choice now for sure! If you have the chance to get some make sure you do because it is the best instant coffee I have ever had and the fact that its iced coffee makes it even better. Easy to make and easy to carry with you anywhere you go even if your out in the wilderness, hehe.

Stella Grace Creations xoxo


Live-streaming event TODAY

Today is World AIDS Day! Join ONE and (RED) for our live-streaming event TODAY at 15 GMT on YouTube. President Obama, Bono, Alicia Keys and others will be discussing the future of AIDS.


Aids free generation 2015

Here are a couple links and facts to help you be more aware of this campaign, aids free generation 2015.

 June 5, 2011 marks 30 years since the CDC's MMWR reported the first cases of AIDS in the U.S.

Here are just a few links for you.
World Aids day is Dec.1 stay tuned...

Stella Grace Creations xoxo



Turkey Craft

Need something to do with the little ones and want something special to look back on years to come well then this craft is for you.

I was asking my girls Mea and Milani what they are Thankful for so tomorrow we can share their answers with the family and then I thought oh this should be interesting coming from a 4 and 3 yr old I'm going to want to keep these answers forever to look back on I'm sure and also I bet they would like to know what they said when they are older, I wish my Mom did something like this for me to look back on now that I'm grown with children of my own.

 We all know of the "Turkey Hand" craft so I want to take that a bit further. A Turkey hand card with the top 5 things we are thankful for, five fingers five reason to be thankful it's that easy!

First get a color piece of paper and fold it in half to make a "card"
Second trace your kids hand on the front of the "card"
Next cut along the traced hand making sure to leave part of the hand attached to the side of the card so it looks like this
then as my little one did have them draw or color the turkey hand
Next write numbers down the inside of the card 1-5 I did mine like this
then write 5 things they are thankful for next to each number.
When your done let them sign it and finish coloring on it or whatever to make it more "them" so when they look at it years from now they can have something special and meaningful to look back on.

Ciao Bella's xoxo


Moms do your kids have any left over Candy Corn from Halloween? I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow and tonight is a great night to sit back and have a cocktail and why not get rid of all that left over candy corn while your at it.

 Here is a great Martini to try:
2 oz. Three Olives Cake Vodka
1 oz. Orange Juice
1 oz. Milk
1/2 oz. Amaretto
Splash of Club Soda
Crushed candy corn for rim

A little extra delight to this yummy treat would be to add some non crushed candy corn on a cocktail pick and eat it as you go or just put a few at the bottom of the drink.

Ciao Bella's xoxo

Win a Funsie

Brightly colored, super soft onesies decorated with cute, silly designs
Started by a mom and dad who have developed a love for dressing their kids in funny baby clothes, Funsies has created a line of brightly-colored, super-soft onesies for babies and toddlers. Made from 30-1 ringspun cotton and decorated with the cutest, silliest, and most unique designs you’ve ever seen on a baby.
Join the conversation on the Daily thred and be entered to win TWO FREE onesies from Funsies.

Today, enter to win Two Free Onesies of your choice by joining the convo! The winner will be announced at 4:00 PM PST. 


This is great I love to shop for things that give back to someone else here are a couple of nice TLC items that not only will make you feel good but also help others in the process.

Sweet Dreams

fresh cream shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath

sweet dreams begin with bedtime stories. this fresh cream shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath benefits First Book to help provide new books for children in need.

100% of net proceeds (guaranteed $25,000 minimum) benefit First Book thru 12/31/11

       features & benefits
  • 100% of net proceeds benefit First Book
  • multitasking, 3-in-1 formula
  • leaves skin and hair feeling soft

The Sweet dreams is out of stock right now but they also have other charity items here is a good one for the month of October Breast Cancer awareness month.
shower for the cure is our charity pink ribbon shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath supporting the Women's Cancer Research Fund. the creamy formula contains a touch of comforting milky notes and a kiss of tangerine nectar for a unique scent that delicate, feminine and sophisticated. philosophy donates 100% of its net proceeds from the sale of this product. We appreciate your understanding that our charity items are non-refundable.


Decoupage Craft Frames

Here is just one of my Decoupage Frames done in a beautiful and classy paper with some sweet touches to top it off. This will be used for a Bridal Shower with a picture of the Bride and Groom to be in the middle, so exciting!!!
This frame was made from a lovely scrapbook sheet that I thought was just to good to be in a book it needed to be displayed so I used it for my Decoupage frame project.

I added some small details to really make this a work of art.

I simply added some Decoupage Glue to a picture frame with a Heart cutout and attached the precut scrapbook paper on top (make sure to pre-cut your items to fit before you use the glue). Flatten the paper to the surface and make sure you do this carefully so it doesn't get bubbles underneath.
Next apply some of the Decoupage glue to the top of the paper I used a sponge brush then I added ribbon and brushed the Decoupage glue on top of that and let dry. I did used a glue gun to apply the pearls and the tulle since the D. glue wouldn't hold that to the surface strong enough.
These will be being made custom for events, also unique one of a kind for my customers. You can email me any ideas of what you want or let me know what you need it for and I can design the right look for you.


Mommy Needs Sweet TLC

The days have been so hot hitting record temps in AZ and running around after 2 kids and 3 dogs everyday can be tuff and make you feel a little gross and tired. So what better way to treat yourself then some good ol sugary stuff from Philosophy!

My Fave this summer has been the Aloha Girl wash and lotion it is so yummy smelling it's sweet and makes me think I just rolled around in some Coconut cupcakes or something it's not "beachy" smelling like you would think its far better than that! I think it is great for summer and will be awesome in the winter time still to use. Mmm mmm mmm makes me want to go take a shower right now!

So I loaded up since I couldnt pick just one I got sweet on you, pink cotton confection, melting marshmallow, sugar sprinkles funnel cake, & frosted animal cracker.
They have a deal going on right now its a treat bag they are giving with a min purchase of $50 and once you hit that much you get free shipping so its a great deal!


Wedding Picture Frame Craft

So as I was sitting around one day thinking of how I could make my Wedding more unique and special I thought about the tables and what I was going to put on them. I decided I wanted a picture of me and the Groom to be on  the card and gift table. I didn't want just any frame I wanted something fun and fresh something with a little more meaning so as a craftier I thought well I will just make a frame using the wedding colors and something with bling.

First I started with a blank wood frame from Michael's craft store.
Next I got Red paint and as I was walking to the register I found these cute bling bling ring shaped stick ons that were red and blue ( my wedding colors) how lucky was that!
I went home painted the frame just as I would paint a wall or a picture its easy anyone can do it next I let it dry then I stuck on the rings where I wanted to have them and adhered them to the frame with a glue gun even though they are sticky I wanted them to stay put. Then I thought it needs a little something extra so I found some pretty blue lace I had in my craft box and attached it to the bottom of the frame with a glue gun.

Now the best thing about this project is you can do whatever you want, it's a blank canvas you just have to have a vision or if your like me here just go with the flow, start simple and add things as you go. If you don't have a bunch of craft items around your house like me then you might want to grab everything you want to use at the store and lay it on the frame to imagine what it looks like before you get home that way if you want more  or even want less on the frame you get what you need.

Craft Supplies you will need:
Wood Frame
Paint Brushes/Sponge

BRIDE 2011- Will You Be My BridesMaid? Maid of Honor?

I'm Back! Sorry it's been so long I have been extremely busy I am getting Married in 100 days yes I said it the 100 day count down is on. So I have been planning , creating and getting ready for that on top of work, Summer Vacations, kids and adopting a new puppy.  I have a lot to catch this blog up on and will try to start now.

One of the first things I did was try to set something up for who I wanted to be in my Wedding Party since those are the girls I want by my side helping me plan I wanted them to be around from the beginning. Well the very first thing I did was find a dress and my oh my that was quite a day I'll put that in its very own post later.

Will you Be My Bridesmaid? That is the question but how do you ask it. I wasn't sure but I knew who I wanted so at least I had one step down. I looked up the proper etiquette and knew right then I wanted to take these girls out for fun and make this special for them too.
After ideas and ideas went though my head I picked on one, I got a hotel room decorated it in my Wedding colors made them gifts and had dinner and drinks in our room while music played and we goofed around then when everyone was eating I gave them their handmade gifts and proposed my question for them.

The gift was a box shaped purse made of wood that I painted and decorated in my wedding colors then inside you open it and it had a picture of me and my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor then a poem asking them if they would be my Bridesmaid/MOH and I included a after dinner mint and a fun craft Diamond ring. I also had a candy bar with Cake Pops I made myself to make it more fun and for some late night snacks.
Then after we went out to a Country Bar and Danced and had some fun it was a night to remember for sure.
 This picture is the gifts I made for them and my Wedding Shoes.

Some of the drinks for the night.

Another Gift for the Ladies I wanted to decorate them all but things got busy so were gong to do them together on a later date.

I Love to have fun so what better way then Candy Ring Pops to Celebrate along with the ladies Craft Rings I got them.

Here's a look at one of the Cake Pops I made.

My Wedding Colors, Tiffany Blue and Red!!!


Monday Mommy's Must Have

OK so I want to share with you things that I love and must have either with me or at home at all times. As a Mom I am very active with my kids and everything around me, we love to do lots of things to keep us busy and learning is my number one priority! Not only as a Mom but as a person who works in Advertising and Marketing I am always eager to be on top of the game and be the first in know.
I will try to post things every Monday sharing the top things I MUST have in my life that is not only great for a Mom but for a Woman so stay tuned for some reviews of things that make my life flow.

To start the week off here is a GREAT product!
The No7 Quick Thinking Facial Wipes.
I have been using them for over 2 weeks and I am more than pleased with the product. I am BUSY with two kids, work, and play life gets dirty! These have been the best quick help I have found so far. It does not burn my eyes when removing eye makeup and it feels great against my skin. I always look refreshed the next morning as well if I use these the night before to remove makeup in a hurry which is really awesome because when you are tired and don't really want to wash your face these are perfect!
I love these for after the Zoo or going to the park with the kiddos, I feel like dirt and sand is all over my face when I leave there so a quick wipe with these leave me feeling refreshed and ready to go do what needs to be done next weather it be grocery shopping or hitting the mall.
I not only have these in my purse but on my bathroom counter because this is my number one go to when I'm in a hurry to clean my face!

Saucony Excursion TR5
These shoes make me feel like I'm not wearing shoes!!!
They are so comfortable I'm ready to run, go for a bike ride, or do my day to day activities and I feel like I am barefoot! I Love these so much I would buy them in EVERY color. So far I have been wearing them everyday for the past week and I have to say this you don't even need to break them in they are perfect the day you get them to even a week later.
 I love a good shoe with out all the fancy new "Tone" you up junk in it and these are not only great feeling but HOT I love the black and pink color the material is great and I can not get enough of these shoes my new fave. I think not only every Mom who has little children running around all day but anyone would get a lot out of these shoes they are a A+ in my book.

So That is is for this weeks Monday Mommy's Must Have Stay Tuned for next weeks amazing items every Mom should have.

Stella Grace Creations


Things To Do

I Love taking my kids to all kinds of different place to get new experiences and have fun in life!
 One of my favorite things to do here in AZ is go to the Phoenix Zoo.
 It is rated in the top 5 Zoos and let me tell you I can see why. They have a great facility you can find anything from stingrays in the water to spiders and snakes, your average Zoo animals Lions and Tigers and they even have 2 Kimodo Dragons. Until March 2011 Koalas from the Sandiego Zoo are loan so you should go see them now if you have the chance.
They have some really awesome animals and set ups for the animals right now a new Orangutan exhibit is being built and I can not wait to see the new home for them its been over 20 years since they had a new place to live.
The Zoo also has lots of baby animals from Orangutan to Zebra you will just fall in love with them all. Here are a few pictures from the Zoo I took from now and even a few years back, I have been a Zoo Member for over 4 years and will continue to be forever my kids now know the layout and where all the animals are they have grown to love and learn more and more about all the neat animals each time we go.
 The Phx Zoo also has a water play area, Carousel, Little People World Playground and other fun things for kids to do while your visiting. Zoo Lights is now over but always a great time for the family.


Pizza Margherita Recipe

The quintessential pizza, named for Italy’s Queen Margherita and sporting the colors of the Italian flag.

I wanted to share with you this YUMMY recipe not only you but your kids will love (at least mine do). It is not hard to make and all you need is a few things. I LOVE to cook and I think it is so crazy that their are so many people who don't cook now a days, how ladies get a man not knowing how to cook is beyond me and what about if you have kids they need to eat good home cooked meals right, so get to it and get your butt in the kitchen people!
"Piacere il suo cibo"


Pizza Dough

1 cup simple tomato sauce (I like Pomì strained tomatoes)

8 ounces fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced

About 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

24 fresh basil leaves

Coarse sea salt


1. Prepare a gas or charcoal grill for indirect grilling. Place the pizza stone in its frame on the grill.

2. Divide the dough into 4 pieces and shape each one into a ball. Let rest for 15 minutes, loosely covered with a tea towel or plastic wrap.

3. Using a floured rolling pin or your hands, stretch each ball into a 9- to 10-inch round (the shape doesn’t have to be perfect). Carefully lay one round of dough on the pizza stone over the hottest part of the grill and cook until the bottom is lightly browned and dry, about 2 minutes. Using tongs, gently lift up the dough, flip over, and cook for just 30 seconds. Transfer to a baking sheet, with the less cooked side up, and repeat with the remaining dough rounds. Let cool.

4. Divide the sauce among the partially cooked pizzas and, using the back of a kitchen spoon, spread it evenly to within ½ inch of the edges of the dough. Divide the cheese among the pizzas.

5. Place 1 or 2 pizzas at a time on the cooler part of the grill or back on the pizza stone and cook until the cheese is melted and the bottoms are crisp and golden brown, about 2 minutes. Transfer to a cutting board and drizzle with a little olive oil. Scatter 6 torn basil leaves over each pizza and sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Cut into slices with a pizza wheel and serve hot.

NOTE:  But be sure to let the dough set and firm up on the grill before flipping it over, or it may stick or tear.

Makes 4 pizzas

Wordless Wednesday



If you are looking for ADORABLE kid clothes including boys (I know its hard to find those) look no further! PUMPKIN PATCH has some of the best!
 I love all their boy clothes they carry because its not all lions, bears and cars they have more surf and fashion forward styles you would see the Dad wearing but they are just too cute on the little boys.
 I go crazy when i go shopping I want to get all the boy stuff for my friends little boy and all the girl stuff for my girls its hard to see something you don't like at Pumpkin Patch!

Here are a few of the new items they are carrying.

From the New Spring Cruise Line for Little Girls
Kelly stripe mini dress

cotton ruffle neck top


frill sleeve dress with pleated skirt


fine polka dot boat shoes


double breasted wet look trench coat


Boys Spring Cruising Club
essential printed short sleeved tee

stripe Henley short sleeved tee mock roll up shirt


boys basic pu sneakers


chunky rib knit jumper mock tee


You can go here to see more styles