Things To Do

I Love taking my kids to all kinds of different place to get new experiences and have fun in life!
 One of my favorite things to do here in AZ is go to the Phoenix Zoo.
 It is rated in the top 5 Zoos and let me tell you I can see why. They have a great facility you can find anything from stingrays in the water to spiders and snakes, your average Zoo animals Lions and Tigers and they even have 2 Kimodo Dragons. Until March 2011 Koalas from the Sandiego Zoo are loan so you should go see them now if you have the chance.
They have some really awesome animals and set ups for the animals right now a new Orangutan exhibit is being built and I can not wait to see the new home for them its been over 20 years since they had a new place to live.
The Zoo also has lots of baby animals from Orangutan to Zebra you will just fall in love with them all. Here are a few pictures from the Zoo I took from now and even a few years back, I have been a Zoo Member for over 4 years and will continue to be forever my kids now know the layout and where all the animals are they have grown to love and learn more and more about all the neat animals each time we go.
 The Phx Zoo also has a water play area, Carousel, Little People World Playground and other fun things for kids to do while your visiting. Zoo Lights is now over but always a great time for the family.