So this Christmas was GREAT! The best part was family from out of town spent the day with us but as for the best of KIDS TOYS here is my picks that have so far gone over very well! (Kids Play with these toys everyday since X-mas without getting bored)
You can get this from for $39.99 its a Princess Carriage Play House made out of a box and they can color it however they like! HOW FUN and CREATIVE! My kids LOVE it and play in it all day it goes along great with these other items I bought for them, kinda of Princess Theme this year I guess.

The other GREAT gift I would recommend getting your kids is the Leap Frog Tag Reader and all the Tag books!
I got two readers one for each of my girls and about 15 books, each reader holds up to 10 books. They are a little tricky but once they know how to use them on the book it is really fun and educational. They have a lot of books you can choose from each teaches different educational lessons as well as reads the word's in the book.

These were just a few of my faves the girls got this year so if you are looking for gifts for young ones I would recommend any of these items I've mentioned.

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year,
Stella Grace Creations