Scrap V-day Craft

Everyone has a junk drawer right?
Well I have a Junk Scrap Drawer full of things that I only have one or two of or just scraps from previous projects. I grabbed a couple things out of it to make two quick gift tags with my girls (Valentine Day Theme) .
This is great for even the littlest of fingers all you have to do is set a few things up for them and they can do the rest...
I took a Light and dark Pink Paper left over from my Baby shower invites and cut it in half. Then I used a scrap piece to cut out 4 little hearts
next I took a small piece of tape and put it on the back of a heart for each kid then they put it on the gift tag.

Next I found a few small feathers and a metal letter word out of my scraps and had the kids attach them to the gift tags as they pleased.

Then I added To: and From: with a marker and That's It!

So simple yet so fun to make for the kids and thoughtful for the gift receiver.

You can get really creative with these you can use anything!!! You can use fancy design Scissors for a more unique edge, you can use Bottle Caps, Glitter, Stickers, Sequins, and so much more I decided to go the non messy route today and simple for the little ones. Now to finish it off put a hole punch in the top and a piece of yarn or ribbon and your can attach it or really simple just slap some tape on the back and stick it to your gift.

This Craft is Graded-SUPER EASY
Who can do it- ANYONE
 Stella Grace Creations