Go-Go Mommy

My current obsession is Starbucks VIA Ready Brew ICED the Caramel Flavored one!
So this Holiday season is another busy one having little Mea and Mila running around the house early in the morning means this Mom has to be up and at it early. I am a huge coffee person I love my caramel macchiato from Starbucks but this December wanted to cut back on spending $5.18 a day yup that's how much a venti one cost me,eek! I had these a while back and took them with me on my camping trip since I cant go without my iced coffee and they were delish and also a big hit amongst my friends who came with on the trip. This yummy treat cost about $6-$7 and comes with 6packets per box and each packet makes 16fl oz. That's a whole lot cheaper than $5 bucks plus a day!
When we were camping a poured a bottle of water in a cup with some ice mixed the packet in and added milk to the top and stirred it was just perfect. They don't sell it anymore at my Starbucks so I had to order it online I hope they don't discontinue it because its my drink of choice now for sure! If you have the chance to get some make sure you do because it is the best instant coffee I have ever had and the fact that its iced coffee makes it even better. Easy to make and easy to carry with you anywhere you go even if your out in the wilderness, hehe.

Stella Grace Creations xoxo