Wedding Picture Frame Craft

So as I was sitting around one day thinking of how I could make my Wedding more unique and special I thought about the tables and what I was going to put on them. I decided I wanted a picture of me and the Groom to be on  the card and gift table. I didn't want just any frame I wanted something fun and fresh something with a little more meaning so as a craftier I thought well I will just make a frame using the wedding colors and something with bling.

First I started with a blank wood frame from Michael's craft store.
Next I got Red paint and as I was walking to the register I found these cute bling bling ring shaped stick ons that were red and blue ( my wedding colors) how lucky was that!
I went home painted the frame just as I would paint a wall or a picture its easy anyone can do it next I let it dry then I stuck on the rings where I wanted to have them and adhered them to the frame with a glue gun even though they are sticky I wanted them to stay put. Then I thought it needs a little something extra so I found some pretty blue lace I had in my craft box and attached it to the bottom of the frame with a glue gun.

Now the best thing about this project is you can do whatever you want, it's a blank canvas you just have to have a vision or if your like me here just go with the flow, start simple and add things as you go. If you don't have a bunch of craft items around your house like me then you might want to grab everything you want to use at the store and lay it on the frame to imagine what it looks like before you get home that way if you want more  or even want less on the frame you get what you need.

Craft Supplies you will need:
Wood Frame
Paint Brushes/Sponge