Mommy Needs Sweet TLC

The days have been so hot hitting record temps in AZ and running around after 2 kids and 3 dogs everyday can be tuff and make you feel a little gross and tired. So what better way to treat yourself then some good ol sugary stuff from Philosophy!

My Fave this summer has been the Aloha Girl wash and lotion it is so yummy smelling it's sweet and makes me think I just rolled around in some Coconut cupcakes or something it's not "beachy" smelling like you would think its far better than that! I think it is great for summer and will be awesome in the winter time still to use. Mmm mmm mmm makes me want to go take a shower right now!

So I loaded up since I couldnt pick just one I got sweet on you, pink cotton confection, melting marshmallow, sugar sprinkles funnel cake, & frosted animal cracker.
They have a deal going on right now its a treat bag they are giving with a min purchase of $50 and once you hit that much you get free shipping so its a great deal!