Decoupage Craft Frames

Here is just one of my Decoupage Frames done in a beautiful and classy paper with some sweet touches to top it off. This will be used for a Bridal Shower with a picture of the Bride and Groom to be in the middle, so exciting!!!
This frame was made from a lovely scrapbook sheet that I thought was just to good to be in a book it needed to be displayed so I used it for my Decoupage frame project.

I added some small details to really make this a work of art.

I simply added some Decoupage Glue to a picture frame with a Heart cutout and attached the precut scrapbook paper on top (make sure to pre-cut your items to fit before you use the glue). Flatten the paper to the surface and make sure you do this carefully so it doesn't get bubbles underneath.
Next apply some of the Decoupage glue to the top of the paper I used a sponge brush then I added ribbon and brushed the Decoupage glue on top of that and let dry. I did used a glue gun to apply the pearls and the tulle since the D. glue wouldn't hold that to the surface strong enough.
These will be being made custom for events, also unique one of a kind for my customers. You can email me any ideas of what you want or let me know what you need it for and I can design the right look for you.