BRIDE 2011- Will You Be My BridesMaid? Maid of Honor?

I'm Back! Sorry it's been so long I have been extremely busy I am getting Married in 100 days yes I said it the 100 day count down is on. So I have been planning , creating and getting ready for that on top of work, Summer Vacations, kids and adopting a new puppy.  I have a lot to catch this blog up on and will try to start now.

One of the first things I did was try to set something up for who I wanted to be in my Wedding Party since those are the girls I want by my side helping me plan I wanted them to be around from the beginning. Well the very first thing I did was find a dress and my oh my that was quite a day I'll put that in its very own post later.

Will you Be My Bridesmaid? That is the question but how do you ask it. I wasn't sure but I knew who I wanted so at least I had one step down. I looked up the proper etiquette and knew right then I wanted to take these girls out for fun and make this special for them too.
After ideas and ideas went though my head I picked on one, I got a hotel room decorated it in my Wedding colors made them gifts and had dinner and drinks in our room while music played and we goofed around then when everyone was eating I gave them their handmade gifts and proposed my question for them.

The gift was a box shaped purse made of wood that I painted and decorated in my wedding colors then inside you open it and it had a picture of me and my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor then a poem asking them if they would be my Bridesmaid/MOH and I included a after dinner mint and a fun craft Diamond ring. I also had a candy bar with Cake Pops I made myself to make it more fun and for some late night snacks.
Then after we went out to a Country Bar and Danced and had some fun it was a night to remember for sure.
 This picture is the gifts I made for them and my Wedding Shoes.

Some of the drinks for the night.

Another Gift for the Ladies I wanted to decorate them all but things got busy so were gong to do them together on a later date.

I Love to have fun so what better way then Candy Ring Pops to Celebrate along with the ladies Craft Rings I got them.

Here's a look at one of the Cake Pops I made.

My Wedding Colors, Tiffany Blue and Red!!!