Turkey Craft

Need something to do with the little ones and want something special to look back on years to come well then this craft is for you.

I was asking my girls Mea and Milani what they are Thankful for so tomorrow we can share their answers with the family and then I thought oh this should be interesting coming from a 4 and 3 yr old I'm going to want to keep these answers forever to look back on I'm sure and also I bet they would like to know what they said when they are older, I wish my Mom did something like this for me to look back on now that I'm grown with children of my own.

 We all know of the "Turkey Hand" craft so I want to take that a bit further. A Turkey hand card with the top 5 things we are thankful for, five fingers five reason to be thankful it's that easy!

First get a color piece of paper and fold it in half to make a "card"
Second trace your kids hand on the front of the "card"
Next cut along the traced hand making sure to leave part of the hand attached to the side of the card so it looks like this
then as my little one did have them draw or color the turkey hand
Next write numbers down the inside of the card 1-5 I did mine like this
then write 5 things they are thankful for next to each number.
When your done let them sign it and finish coloring on it or whatever to make it more "them" so when they look at it years from now they can have something special and meaningful to look back on.

Ciao Bella's xoxo