Warming Up Your Home.

I came across this great idea and thought I would share since I have been remodeling my home and yes I will post the pictures soon, I did finished my kitchen and bathroom so stay tuned.

This is a great way to heat your home and so unique I must say. It is a beautiful piece of art yet also meant with a purpose, to heat your home. You can also have your own images uploaded to the panel, HOW NEAT!!!!

About Us

Prestyl USA is a US manufacturer/distributor of state of the art far infrared heating products. Prestyl’s products are based on a highly efficient and reliable French thin-film technology that has been used in aircraft, ships, trains, homes and public buildings for 16 years.
Prestyl successfully incorporated this film into ultra-thin easy to install ceiling modules and wall mount decorative printed artwork panels which are available in standard U.S. and European sizes. Prestyl USA's manufacturing partner is a Washington-based company with a commitment to "Lean Manufacturing" and has been producing high-quality products for nearly 40 years

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