R.I.P Brianna Wood

OK so I want to keep my blog happy and let people know about great kid activities and other Fun Mommy things but I have to let you all know something that erks me every 4Th of July now. 3 Years ago a Beautiful young Mother's life was taken by a monster! This woman was so great I can not even begin to tell her story all I can do is let people aware of what happened and maybe somewhere along the way if you have kids you can teach them and have them learn from this sad and disgusting story. I have known Bri since 7Th grade she was so smart and funny and had a bright glow around her anywhere she went she was amazing and sweet she will always be missed by so many. This is one of my biggest fears for my little girls that they will bein a "bad relationship" or come across a overly jealous guy. So Bri was with her two boys in her condo when she tried to break up with Ryan who was on drugs at the time. Her boys were in the house when he slashed her throat no one but them will ever know what truly happened but Ryan knew he was in trouble so he put her body in her bed sheets and took her and put her in the back of her SUV and when her boys asked where he was taking Mommy he said "to go see fireworks" and he fled to Mexico leaving the boys to fend for themselves at her condo. Her boys are young they can not do this, they are to young to get themselves food or wash them selves or even call for help! I wont get into to much detail just know if you have a kid who is trying to get away from someone let them know NOT to do it alone, do it in a public place and get police involved if need be. Never be ashamed or feel bad about it, I know it is hard when your young but your life is worth so much more than letting someone else take it and rob your kids and family of you. Be strong and make sure to get help if you need it people will always be there even if it has to be a officer to get the point across to abuser. Tell Bri's story because she shouldn't be a statistic she is a human, mother, daughter, sister, friend, hard worker, and just so so so much more than someone who was murdered! You can find her story on a lot of Arizona sites if you look up her name Brianna Wood. They also have a great scholarship fund in her name and her boys are left without a mother so anything to help them as well is always top priority now! Now Ryan was found in Mexico pulled over for speeding and that's where they found her body in the back of her SUV he got a light sentence and it makes me sick to think he will be walking the streets again so young it's sad and scary we can only hope now Bri Rest In Peace!!!