Kids Fashion

Hey fellow bloggers I can not believe back to school shopping is upon us. Now my little girls are not yet in school but they sure are growing like weeds so I will also be shopping for new fall clothes and I am always looking for fashionable clothes that are made well yet priced good since my girls will only be waring them for a short amount of time. I see American Eagle has a great children's line out called 77kids by American Eagle, well I did not know that they had sizes for toddlers and babies as well. I will defiantly be going to shop for a couple of items for my girls to see if their children's clothes are just as great as their adult clothes that I love to wear! Here are a few new items from 77kids that I would pick out.

I usually shop at Gymboree for my girls because it is a bit boutique style and it still shows hey I'm a kid! I love to dress my girls every now and then in more chic/modern clothes but I also want them to still look like kids and wear "cute" clothes because I know that soon they will not want to wear that cute little doggy shirt or Popsicle dress, so for now tutus and big bows will do just fine! Oh and if you are lucky enough like me to have a H&M near you go as fast as you can to check out their adorable clothes for kids.

Here is a pic of a beautiful chiffon dress I got for my youngest last year it was on sale for $10.00 WOW now that's a Fashion Deal!!!

If you know of any great places to get fashionable kids clothes let me know maybe you have a special place you love to shop or you make clothes either way I would love to hear your feedback and as always HAPPY SHOPPING MOMMIES!!!!