Tired,Exhasted and oh ya tired!

Woo what a day I'm pretty sure my little girls turned into teenagers over night! Who knew a 3 and 2 year old could be so bossy and demanding? I didn't get any sleep due to the dogs being up all night making ruckus then my youngest climbing in to bed with me when I was just about in dreamland then she decided she wanted to lay with her feet toward my head and randomly kick threw out the night! Moms I know your laughing because yes we all have been there :) well because of that sleepless night I woke up with a huge headache and kids screaming "Mom I want cereal, but not that one this one OK and get me milk!" What?!?!?! Is my three year old really telling me this and then Monkey see Monkey do the little one mimics her every word! Well girls let me make a cup of coffee after I get you breakfast OK, and boom I open the cabinet to get the coffee maker out and the pot fell to the floor shattering everywhere UGH! OK that stinks because I let the hubby take the truck today and oops he has the car seats looks like were not going anywhere and Mommy doesn't get her coffee. :( I'll just make some bows that will cheer me up a bit... where did Moms bow making stuff go girls?? Baby did you take it? "No sissy did" Sissy did you take it? "NO BABY DID!" then they went back in forth with each other for a while "nah uh she did" and so on and so on. I just wanted to go back to bed oh well now I am breaking up a fight between two little girls who are acting more like 13 and 14 year old fighting over a boy, sheesh what have I gotten myself into here?? At least I know they are Best Friends despite the fact neither wants to admit to who did something they were not supposed to they would rather rat each other out.

So later we go swimming in our pool and my oldest just jumps in and starts swimming I try to grab her thinking she needs help but nope she says "Mom I can do it myself don't help me!" HUH?? She has never had swimming lessons where is this brave little soul coming from and how is she swimming on her own??? What has happened to my baby she is growing up faster than I could ever imagine! Needless to say it has been a long day and I should be going to bed but nope I am blogging hahaha..
I would love to hear about other peoples sibling rivalry fights and what they fight about or over or if you have a funny story about your little ones.