I got married on 11-11-11 and I now have time to breath and tell you all about it. So I will be posting more about it along the way this year.
Now since I also love to create jewelry and beautiful things I would love to tell you about something that combines beautiful creations and weddings!
I how ever did not make these but what a cleaver idea and I think is a must have for any Bride!!!
I had an outside wedding and thankfuly the weather was perfect but if it had not been man oh man would I have wished I had these!
They are: “Veil Weights are magnetic and easily slip on and off your veil, they are not permanent."

Not only are these Beautful but they are so very useful I would have used them just to make a little extra bling on my veil if I seen these before.
I know a few ladies that will be getting Married this year and I think it will be a perfect gift to get them to use on thier wedding day. You can purchase these from the website or a local store near you. Sorry AZ no store here carries them, YET...

Here is some more info:
Save the Veil ~ Veil Weights are $65.00 per package. We offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING AND HANDLING within the United States. Each package contains 6 pieces of Veil Weights jewelry. Three to six veil weights will control most veils.
There are 4 styles to choose from: Oval with Swarovski Crystal, Oval with Mother of Pearl, Round with Swarovski Crystal & Round with Mother of Pearl.