Holiday Homade Gift

So everyone loves to get presents and even though its nice to get that pricey item from a fave store sometimes the handmade gifts quickly turn into someones favorite holiday gift they received! This particular idea is great for potlucks a elephant gift or an awesome parting gift at your holiday party!!!
How great would it be to make an awesome dessert everyone loves at a party then they want the recipe and poof they not only get the recipe but all the stuff to make the dessert when leaving!!! PERFECT! What you will need is a jar I like the mason jars you can buy packs of them for a decent price and you can decorate them how ever you like.
Then you need a recipe ;) make you famous pumpkin pie mix, cookie mix, or whatever you like. (HINT) I would try to use items that don't have to be refrigerated right away just in case the guest have an extra stop before they go home. This is really fun because you can get as creative or basic as you want for the gift. Next you need to have some nice paper to print or hand write the recipe on. Make a label with the Description and with the recipe don't forget the cooking instructions on it. You can put anything on the label from "Stella's Famous Christmas Cookie Recipe" to "Pie in a Jar" or real simple To: and From:
You can put a cute layer of fabric over the top and tie a bow to keep it on or you could paint the mason jar lid. You could make the jar look like a Polar Bear, Santa, a reindeer ANYTHING you catching on yet?? P.S.Don't forget to make it with LOVE and CARE!

Basics you NEED:
  • Mason Jar w/lid
  • Dessert Ingredient
  • Paper
  • Description & Instructions
  • LOVE
Optional Items:
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric
  • Markers
  • Glitter
  • Card stock
  • etc.