Today is World Aids Day and in Honor of the Fight to End Aids around the Globe here are a few companies that are offering great deals and donating a percent of the proceeds to help fight Aids.


Starbucks is donating to the Global Fund to help fight Aids in Africa with each purchase of a (RED) Card or this (RED) Tumbler and today they will also donate 5 cents from each handcrafted beverage to (RED) and the Global Fund.
 Last year nearly 12 million babies were born with HIV. By 2015, that number could be zero.


Converse also has 20% off today and you can MAKE YOUR OWN SHOES!!! They have Product (RED) available.
~Small actions, like the stroke of a paint brush, can lead to something great. The Converse (PRODUCT)RED™ Paint Swatch sneakers are designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. These clean versions of the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe serve as the canvas for brush strokes that symbolize change.~


GAP (PRODUCT)RED™ launched their Artist Edition T-Shirts, a collaboration bringing together talented artists to create a limited edition collection of Ts designed to eliminate AIDS in Africa. 50% of all profits from the sale of (GAP)RED products goes to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.
Available in US, Canada, UK, France and select stores worldwide. (GAP)RED is also available online at with shipment to over 46 countries.


Hallmark (PRODUCT)RED™ cards put a smile on a friend's face and also help people living with HIV in Africa at the same time. There's no extra cost or special effort from you. The contributions to the Global Fund come right out of Hallmark's profits. What a great way to show you care.
Available in US


(BUGABOO) RED iPhone Holder Bugaboo is making good things happen for women and children living with HIV in Africa by partnering with (RED) and contributing 1% of all revenue across their entire product line to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.


Introducing the new (BUGABOO)RED iPhone holder…the perfect tool for parents who want to stay connected while on the move; keeping their hands free while strolling with their child. And just like all Bugaboo products, the (BUGABOO)RED iPhone holder helps to eliminate AIDS in Africa!

These are just a few there are many more places check out to see all your choices!