When not to fake it.

I'm talking about centerpieces here not what you were thinking! Ha.

OK so I did an event in Scottsdale this past week that I had to set up the table to look nice as well as promote the product. It was for flavored vodka and a tequila that I was promoting. The vodka flavors were Citrus, Mandarin and Blueberry, YUM!

Now in this case you do not want to use a fake centerpiece or make it look cheap and just thrown together.
You also don't want it to look cluttered since you are trying to sell the product not the table pieces.

This event I did a big vase full of fresh real fruit to compliment the flavors of the vodka. You could use the pieces to garnish the drinks if you really wanted to.

Then I made sure to place the product around the centerpiece so it would really catch peoples eyes instead of just looking at a bunch of bottles like they were doing all night, there were alot of vendors and tons of different bottles to look at from all the liquor and wine departments.

Here are some pictures so you get the idea. This isnt the full set up just the start of it...

This is from the back you can see all the other vendors in front of me had tons of bottles just sitting on thier table.

It was really beautful at night wish I had a chance to take more pictures!

The key to this kind of event is to use fresh items if you are using flowers dont get fake ones, if you are using fruit dont use fake fruit, if you are using a centerpieces use something you can incorperate into your product and just one big statement instead of a bunch of little items to make it look pretty.