Crafty Idea

Hello Mommy Bloggers I have a GREAT Craft Idea for you, at least I think it's GREAT Ha! So as I was shopping with a girlfriend of mine for her little girls B-Day we stopped into Claire's, well I never go in there but since she needed to I went with. WOW I found the perfect BOW HOLDER for my girls bathroom. Well it wasn't exactly a bow holder it's meant for school age kids who need to put Memos or cards or pictures on as you can see in this picture
well my kiddos bathroom isn't all Frogs and Fishes since it is also the guest bathroom we kept it looking a little more grown up with kid friendly items that go along with the "PARIS" theme! This would be perfect for a little girls room who has it decorated with the "Ooh La La Paris Poodle" line that is very popular for kids rooms! Here it is with some of my handmade Bows and headband so you can see how it works as a Bow Holder.
It worked PERFECT the alligator clips fit right between the wire it matches my decor and you could even hang ribbon from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower legs to add more bows or clips! Hope this gives you some ideas for fun ways to make everyday items into BOW HOLDERS!