Just Thinking Out Loud

So it is Saturday morning and I am sitting here thinking, about alot of stuff! I have so much on my plate yet I dont feel like I am doing enough. Maybe I need to have more Me time and do things for Me. As a Mom your whole life changes the world revolves around your kids everything you do is for your kids even when you are away from your kids your doing the things you do for them, right? Is there a such thing as too much? I know not all Moms are like this but a majority of them are and I think its a good thing because in the long run are next generation of kids will be LOVING and CARING about others which is a huge need in the world today!  Me personaly I want my kids to remember how great thier child hood was full of Love and fun but also I want to make sure they can go out into the world with out me I want them to be independent and strong women who give before they take but also nurture, care, have compassion and do something they love when they grow up. On top of being a Mom I am running my own Business and working Part time and oh yes going back to school! I dont know if it's the stubborn Italian in me or the fact thatI just dont know how to stop and breath for as long as I can remember I have been going and going, doing new things, trying new things, meeting new people and setting higher standards for myself. If I am sitting doing nothing I dont feel right I get bored and edgy I have to be on the move or creating something my mind often things faster than my body I it bothers me to bad I dont have 8 arms hahaha... There is so much more going on in my life that is just a few of the minor things, but I think I will make it a point to get on here and write more often than I have been maybe that can be my ME time. ;) As for now I will share a couple more pictures taken when I was in WA that place is so Beautiful I cant wait to go back!