Tastey Tuesday

OK so here I am making lunch for my girls and I am getting hungry myself but for fried Zucchini the kind you get in a restaurant Mmm. I don't want to go out to eat or do I really want all that fat for a appetizer before we eat lunch so I decide to make my own Fried Zucchini at home but healthier! This top picture shows you the first part of making this yummy treat I put a little EVOO in the pan and heated it then added my sliced Zucchini you can even cut them long wise so it more like a french fry shape if your kids refuse to eat the circle shape! You want to do this just until they start to caramelize and brown then I added a dash of salt and pepper and cooked for another min then put some shaved Parmesan cheese on top not a lot just enough to get some cheese in every bite but not over power it with cheese and then I covered the pan for another minute or so until I felt the cheese was melted enough for me to eat. After I plated this appetizer I put more Pepper and another dash of salt on it. The taste is amazing the sweet from the carmelization once heated in the olive oil for a bit and then the salt and pepper add the best touch to contrast with the sweet and don't forget the sharp Parm taste not bitter just right ummm can we say PERFECTION!
This is the end result ENJOY!!!