Korker Bow How To

 Hey there fellow Crafters it is finally cooling down today we got some good ole rain in this above average temp month and it had to of cooled off 20 degrees!!!! So You know what that means time to crank up that oven and get to work! Oh and I don't mean making muffins or cookies but yumm bring some over if you do :)
I mean it is time to make some KORKERS!!!
For anyone who doesn't know what a korker is its that adorable bouncy little spiral bow you make your kids wear, lol. They are so easy to make all you need are a few tools and a little bit of time. Now I don't know where all my pictures went so these will be of the process of making them just with different color ribbon because somehow some of my pictures got lost or deleted in the ever so full computer, oopsy!

First you will need these items:
Grosgrain Ribbon 3/8
Wooden Dowel Rods 5/16 or other depending on the desire sized
Small craft clothes pins

After they are curled you need these items:
Wood burner or lighter
Hot glue/gun
Alligator Clip/or Headband

*HINT*If your like me you have scraps of ribbon, well you can use those scraps for this project no problem! This is what it will look like after wrapped on the dowels.
OK so what you will want to do first is get your oven ready
you will need a preheated oven from 225 - 275 degrees.  Times very and you do have to keep an eye out that your ribbon Does NOT burn! If you do it at low temp 225 you have to leave them in there for 45min but to save time and money you can bump it up to 250 degrees for 30 min or 275 degrees for 15min. All ovens vary so just keep an eye if it looks like the ribbon is changing color or burning take it out and when you try again make the oven temp lower.
Then begin to wrap your ribbon you chose around the rod like this securing the end with a close pin. *hint* Please use a wood close pin so it doesn't melt in the oven I know this may be a "duh" for some but hey lets face it some of our Mommy Brains don't always think things all the way through...

When it is twisted around all the way secure the other end with your close pin and poof that one is ready to get baked! I just use an old baking pan to put them on and MAKE SURE the close pins are all up and the ribbon is away from the pan so the ribbon doesn't melt off onto the hot pan!
Once heated and ready take them out and let cool ALL THE WAY! Then begin to slide the ribbon off of the rod like this

*NOTE*Depending on what size rod you used will depend on how small and tight the curls are. After this step you can cut the curls to desired length and begin to put the bow together this is one of my finished korkers.

Hope this helped and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them for me! :D