Martha Stewart Craft Coupon

So today I sat and watched Oprah and on the show  was Martha Stewart. Lets face it people she is an ICON she made us all change the ways we think about homes, crafts, elegance and so much more she is the GOD of Entrepreneur.
Now I think her stuff is very pricey but it is all so beautiful and in most every ones eyes perfect! She has very creative and unique items for sale and if you can say the object she probably has her name on it from dog items to people and household items that lady has it covered!
Well here you go she has teamed up with Michael's Craft stores and has this 50%off coupon you can print at the link above. Hope this helped anyone looking for a new MS item or even if you know a crafter and you are looking for a great Christmas gift this would be a great coupon to get that item for them! If you never have seen any of her craft tools go check them out they are awesome and come in so handy to make crafty a breeze!
~xoxo SGC~